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Thank you for answering the questionnaire we handed out.

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, we suspended International English School (IES) until March 15. Later, we opened our school again.

However, since there is an increasing number of infected patients in Fukui City, we would like to inform you of our new school policies.

First, we will do our best to maintain a learning environment so that our students will be able to continue learning English. Here are our basic principles to deal with Coronavirus:

- During the break, we might ask students to change lesson schedules so that the IES classrooms will not be crowded.

- We ask all students to wash their hands before each lesson. All classrooms will be ventilated and sanitized after each lesson.

- We provide online classes through iPad and personal computers. IES will support you in setting up the necessary systems (Skype, Line, and Zoom etc) for online classes.

- Even when students cancel classes, IES will not charge any cancellation fees in March and April. However, if students are not planning to come to IES for longer than two weeks, we would be grateful if you would let us know in advance.

- We are willing to provide makeup classes during summer vacation or before students take the EIKEN English exam.

- In the case that there are more Coronavirus cases in Fukui City, we may temporarily close the school again. Of course, we will let you know if this happens.

- IES PARIO Branch School has been rescheduled to open in June because of Coronavirus.

Last but not least, the entrance exam season ended on March 15. All of our junior high students successfully entered the high schools of their choice. Likewise, many of our high school students were enrolled in miscellaneous public and private universities.

Even though Coronavirus still seems to be spreading, we are delighted to continue to help you learn English.

We appreciate your understanding.

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